Friday Fictioneers — Planned Attack Failure

These words are my entry into this week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge.

Copyright - Douglas M MacIlroy
Copyright – Douglas M MacIlroy

They spent the previous day planting two bombs in the iconic Tower. They knew a successful strike on the tower would be a French 9/11 and could cost thousands of lives.

After the bombs were secured to the structure both Henri and Anatole spent the cold night hiding behind the larger beams. Both men joined the first of the 32,000 daily visitors as they exited. The remote control detonation device was hidden under a park bench some 4 blocks from the Tower. As they entered the park  un agent de police asked, “Messieurs, are you looking for this little box?”



  1. The idea of this happening is truly chilling, and you’ve done a great job laying out the story… a couple of typos: 5th line: The remote control DETONATION device… 6th line: As they entered the park – remove “a” before un agent. Well done!


  2. Dear Danny,

    I spent a morning sitting near the base of the Eiffel Tower and watched the routine of the squad of soldiers, all armed to the teeth, as they very conspicuously made their presence felt. There have been plots of a nature similar to your story. I hope the little boxes are always found. Good job.




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