KoKo– Sunday Photo Fiction

38 12 December 15th 2013

“Come out here KoKo”, her mate requested.

“I’m watching “Pretty Woman” on my big screen. Then I have to answer my emails. My inbox is at 124 unread messages right now. Then I need to finish a chapter in my latest book “The Thoughts of a Gorilla”. I want Julia Roberts to play the lead when it comes out as a movie. Tell those pesky tourist to please go away. I need peace and quite to concentrate on my brand.”

“Your brand? What the hell does that mean. You can do or say anything and it will strengthen your brand. Just don’t scratch yourself you know where and everything will be just fine.”

“Listen, I know over 500 sign-language words and I’m about to use a couple of them on those peeping toms! You know my motto: Avoid Pain/Seek Pleasure. People should be polite to Gorillas.”

These words form my entry into this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction challenge. 

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