Little One

little_dogsHe was sitting on the stairs that led to her trailer when she got home from her doctor’s appointment. Like he lived there, she thought. He was still there after she ate her dinner so she fed him some left-over fried chicken.

Well someone will come and claim him she thought. Until then what should I call you she wondered. Nothing came to mind so she simple called him her “Little One”.

Two days later she saw his picture on a flyer stapled to a utility pole. She called the number. She told them where to find her trailer.

When they saw the dog she knew it was their dog the way he yelped and ran after the little girl.

“Muchas gracias, muchas gracias,” the little girl cried.

As they were getting ready to leave she asked the elderly gentleman behind the wheel, “What is your dog’s name.”

“Juan”, he replied. “Little Juan.”

She smiled.

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