Seven Stops, Ten Hungry People

He was already in a grumpy mood when he arrived at the Church to pick up the meals. His regular employer had cut him back to 30 hours a week which eliminated  his benefits. Now he would have to purchase his own medical insurance. The price would be staggering. His oldest son was going into rehab. His wife had left him late last year. His confirmation that he was experiencing a lot of stress was  that sometimes he just wanted to run away from it all and hide. He didn’t want to face each day; he fantasize about escaping the job, home, and country.

He looked at the sheet he was given and saw that he had seven stops and ten meals to deliver. He should be done in about two hours. The sheet gave him directions but he found it easier to just plug the address into his Garmen.

His first delivery was to an apartment complex just behind the Baptist Church nearby. “KNOCK HARD” was written beside the name on the list. Do he did. A voice from within: “Just a minute, I’ll be right there.”

The door opened and he saw a very elderly small lady. She was dressed immaculately. Black sweater, black dress slacks, a silver necklace and the most brilliant white hair he had ever seen. She was glowing. The small apartment was entirely furnished in religious paintings, statues, and some porcelain lace figurines that looked extremely expensive.

He introduced himself and asked where he could put her meal. “The kitchen table will be fine” she said.

As he walked toward the table to put the meal down she asked: “What’s your name”.

“Leon”  he replied.

“Guess where I am going Leon? I’m going to Wal-Mart to pick out a new dress. Like the one in the flyer there Leon”

“Looks nice,” he replied.

She suddenly took his hands, put them together and kissed them. “Thank you Leon for what you do”.

As he opened the door to leave she said: “Jesus loves you Leon… And so do I.”

A little stunned he looked at his list. Delivery number two note indicated “PLEASE RING DOORBELL UNDER CARPORT AND THEN DELIVER TO BACK DOOR AT DECK”.

His mood was beginning to improve.

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