Walking Away

Friday Fictioneers 100 Words Challenge: Walking Away


Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Mom said she never changed anything after they took me to prison. Except Howdy Doody. “Hi Mr. Doody!” He was on the floor the last time I saw him.

The man had entered my room and threw him at me and called me a baby before he left and hurt my mom. I killed him with that big knife mama used to cut up meat. The courts said I didn’t know right from wrong. I knew. You stab someone 34 times you know. You keep count.

The guards tell me it is time to return. I keep saying “It’s Howdy Doody Time, It’s Howdy Doody Time!”


  1. I think if I stabbed someone 34 times, I’d lose count. LOL! But that’s just me. There is something very sinister about Howdy Doody now that I think about it. He’s really pretty scary. I found this piece to be darkly affecting.


  2. Dear Mr. James,

    Any relation to Henry? (Sorry, had to ask.) Your protagonist reminds me of the guy trying to get out of the navy by picking up imaginary bit of paper and examining their nonexistent messages. “Not it,” he replies again and again until the psycho-babblers give him a section eight. When he gets the piece of paper he looks at it and says, “That’s it.”

    Wondering if there’ll be a sequel.

    Welcome to the party, pal.




  3. Dear Danny,

    First, welcome to Friday Fictioneers. It’s an addictive challenge. You certainly rose to meet it.
    Have you ever seen the movie “Spider” with Ralph Fiennes? This put me in mind of it.
    Well-crafted in a chilling sort of way.




    • Thanks! I had a lot of fun with that one and look forward to future challenges. I saw the picture just before I left to run an errand. The story just encompassed my thoughts for a few hours. The challenge, of course, was to get it down to 100 words.


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