My Friend Bill

Meet my friend Bill.


Bill and I have become good friends over the last couple of months. He just moved it  down the road. I  met  Bill when I was out on my regular  walk.

Bill is  a kind of mellow type guy. It  took him a few weeks  before  we began communicating. Me with “Good Morning, Bill.” Bill with a friendly snort. The first few times I walked by he  just  glared at me with eyes that were more curious than sad. Bill kind of got  an idea  of what I was doing. One day he gave me  a few hundred feet head start and then roared down along side of the fence that separated us. You could the power of his hoofs made  as they made contact with the  turf. When Bill got to the end of  the fence he stopped, turned around, and snorted at me. Like  he  was saying “Now that’s how  you  run buddy.” If he is  in  the back of the pasture when I walk past  he trots over as if to say “Hello, old man. What’s up?”

Always makes a great start to my day!

One comment

  1. How wonderful! Bill has decided to befriend you! I love the sound of the horses running through the pastures, it is a sound of power and beauty. I bet he enjoys seeing you as much as you enjoy seeing him!


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