Party Animal?

Thanks to The Daily Prompt.

At one time I  was a party animal.  That was especially the  case  when  I was a senior in college and living off campus in  an apartment with 3 of  my friends. We hosted so many parties that if you stayed over so  many times  you  earned  a bath robe of  your own with our apartment number (12) stitched on the lapel of  your robe.

“But that was yesterday, and yesterday is gone.”

Today is more of an obligation  to attend  friends  parties. Our goal is not to be the first couple to leave. “But honey,  if we leave now  we can still make it home to watch the “British Hour” on the television!

Speaking of parties, there seems  to be an increase in “theme parties” especially for women. It all started with Mary Kay I think, but now we have “Pampered Chef”, “Thirty  One”, and lots of others. I know I like them  because I get to leave the house. I mean what guy wants to be around  10 – 15 women  all yaking at the same  time.

We need some guy parties. Like  Tim Taylor “Tool Time” parties where we can buy the latest drill, or a tool belt  that holds  20 different  but essential tools that we  might need  around  the house. Maybe a bowling party where we can find the latest  shirts that will drive our wife’s crazy. Or how  about  a  “Click and  Clack” party where we can trade the latest tricks on tuning our  cars or getting more gas mileage.

Just musings.

Tell me your thoughts!

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