When I look in the mirror, I….

  1. Run and Hide
  2. Try and avoid looking in the mirror
  3. Be like my cats and don’t look directly at my reflection

Really, I don’t see the person I “feel” like. Where is the care free guy who was 20? The dude that finally got married at the age of 45? The  responsible  aggressive  corporate  citizen who tried, and succeeded to an extent, to climb the corporate ladder? The  retired senior world traveler? The responsible volunteer taking cancer  patients to their treatment center or  delivering meals to the needy?

Every day I see a different person in the mirror. Does he have a mustache today? Long  hair or  short?

Wrinkles? Of course. Grey hair? What else. Body is doing its thing in the aging process but I will put  up a little resistance.

When I look  in the mirror I think “how much longer”. I have a small say in things but there are too many variables that I can’t control. Never did see that motorist that ran me over and broke my pelvis on a bike ride. Too many close calls that have gone my way. Next call could be the one I never here.

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