When Life Hands You Wheels

Mondays Finish The Story ask you to finish the story with the first line given and with the photo below. The line this week is “Dance as if no one is watching.” Check out other author’s stories by clicking on the little blue guy below.

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2014-11-24 - BW Beacham

“Dance as if no one is watching.” That was the line she used to describe her recovery to anyone that asked her the key to her success.

Before the accident she was a dancer with the usual ambitions: an appetite for fame, success and power. And of course handsome men to be her partner.

That all changed after her automobile accident. The one that left her dreams and her legs shattered. Dancers are artists and athletes and she felt she would fail on both counts. But she also knew that no dancer ever became successful riding on their natural-born talents only. She developed a plan with her mother and a wonderful dance coach. And she also found her handsome partner.

The actual quote from her dance coach was “When life hands you wheels learn how to dance in them.”