Weekend Writing Prompt #286 – Bibliopole

For Sami Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt

Photo Credit…..Danny James

Athenaeum. Now that is a strange little word is it not? I found this unique building on a walk in northern Vermont. It was a serendipitous experience. From experience I knew the gentleman in the corner was a bibliopole.

39 words!


wk 222 glow
Photo Credit === Danny James

She always stood out in the glow of the darkness that makes up your universe. She can be dangerous. You knew that the first day you met her. The way she looked back at you after your first meeting. She was a magnet for your desires. One would do well to stay clear of her you thought. But she is enchanting. Moving effortlessly across your conscious mind she cast her spell. You are frozen. He flowing soft legs will shortly wrap around your limp body. You knew from the beginning your time was limited.


Weekend Writing Prompt # 171 Impact

I am finding it very hard to find a job in Milan. I touted my many skills to potential employers. I have mention my ability to design bridges, waterways, cannons, armored vehicles and public buildings. Surely one of those many skills will make an impact on my future.

Perhaps my potential employer has enough candidates better qualified than me. Should I tell him I can also paint.

Weekend Writing Prompt #165 – Cavalier

Weekend Writing Prompt #165 — Cavalier



“It is just like the flu. Believe me nothing is going to happen to you. Just a few of my friends will be there.  One day we will look back on this and laugh.  Everyone is healthy; everyone is just fine. Put that ugly mask away my faithful friend. Whatever happened to your devil may care attitude?”

I was offended by his cavalier attitude.


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Photo Credit … Danny James

We walked this beach many times. As little girls we promised to be best friends forever. Then came careers, husbands and children of our own. The walks became less frequent. We compared notes on our life’s progress until the pain from the pancreatic cancer became unbearable. Your daughter’s words still haunt me today. “You better come quick. Mom’s dying.”