This post is written for Sunday Photo Fiction. My story follows the picture prompt. Enjoy!


The life of an over the road long haul truck driver was a lonely existence. It was the only thing he had left after the divorce. He had to make a living and that was the only experience he had in life. It was a lonely existence. Very lonely indeed. He longed for some excitement in his boring life.

“Continue 23 miles on Interstate I-95”

He had plugged the address into his GPS before he left to meet his new on-line friend. In her picture on the internet she looked fabulous. Well we all exaggerate a little he thought. Even if she is half as pretty he would be happy. Beside his profile picture made him look like Tom Cruise.

“Take exit 354 in 5 miles.”

“Exit 354 and then turn left for 3 miles.”

“In 1 mile your destination is on your right.”

He was getting more excited by the minute. A quick look at his lap confirmed his intention.

Before him was a massive traffic jam. His mood was deflating before his eyes as he came to a complete stop.






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