Keep Off The Grass

This post is in response to the Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge.

This is Thor - one of the Ravens from the Tower of London. Taken in 2009 It is said that if the Ravens ever leave the Tower, then England will fall.

“Listen Kid, let’s get this straight right from the git-go. I work for your parents, ok? Remember when your mother discovered that ounce of marijuana in your  room. And yet you denied it was yours? Come on Sunny Boy, that just proves you were stupid even before you smoked that big doobie. Even your old man called you a dope fiend. Even looking at your eyes now  it appears rehab didn’t do the job either. So before your mom and dad take any drastic measures they thought they would try something that might engage your sense of humor. So they hired me to perch on this stupid sign. Do you get it now kid? Keep off the grass! Hope you get the message because I find it hard to sit on top of a Coke can.”