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Canyon de Chelly N.P. Concho, Arizona Photo Credit —Danny James

Ironically, to Native eyes, Europeans were the nomads. As Chief Seattle put it in 1855, “To us the ashes of our ancestors are sacred and their resting place is hallowed ground. You wander far from the graves of your ancestors and seemingly without regret.”

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Pow Wow   6 comments

In response to the DP Photo Challenge “Express Yourself.


Photo Credit — Danny James


To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak. ~Derrick “Suwaima” Davis, Hopi/Chocktaw




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A Moment in Time   5 comments

In response to the Daily Prompt.

What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it.


This picture was taken at the Fort McCoy, Florida.  Chambers Farms Pow Wow. I arrived early and captured his image of a native craft booth setup.


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Never Gives Up Her Dead   Leave a comment

Lake Superior Lighthouse

Lake Superior Lighthouse

A lighthouse on Lake Superior. Lake “Gitche Gumee” as the Native Americans call it. Native Americans believe that this lake never gives up those that have perished in it. This lighthouse is still searching for the ore freighter “The Edmund Fitzgerald” which sank on November 10, 1975 killing all 29 crew members.

Edmund Fitgerald

Edmund Fitzgerald

“They are not dead who live in the hearts they leave behind.”


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