One In. Two Out. Playing Three.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. My story starts after the picture prompt. Other stories can be found by clicking on the blue frog at the end of this post. Enjoy!



My dad took a home video of me showing how I could hit a golf  ball over 200 yards. I was eight years old. My dad knew  a money machine when he  saw  one. At the age of sixteen, just a sophomore in high school, I won the state youth golf  tournament. My father was happy. His pot of gold was growing closer.

It became easier to win even in college. I left after my junior year.

I  spent the next two years on the junior golf circuit because my father wanted to refine his  money-making machine. I was ready to make it happen for him.

My first pro golf would determine my future and potential earnings.

On the third home my caddy, Jason, turned to me and told me the yardage was five hundred and sixty-five yards and a par five with a slight dog leg to the right. “Water will come into play if you hit it left.”

I knew I hooked it when it left my club. I saw a splash and I knew I was in trouble. As I walked into the lake to retrieve my ball,  I looked up and among the spectators I  saw my father shaking his  head. I felt like a man who had just gone over  Niagara Falls in a barrel.



New Home

Ready, Set, Done

Our ten-minute free-write is back! Have no mercy on your keyboard as you give us your most unfiltered self (feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).

Will we ever be finished unpacking all these damn boxes? We have been here a month today and it’s still a mess. Oh, we have been busy. Kitchen had to be just right. Or at least that was my wife’s first priority. Mine….to get MY den in shape. Not done yet!

Cats are getting accustomed to their new environment. They know  where their food dish is and where to poop.

Still have to clear off the kitchen table in order to read the morning paper and have my two cups of coffee.

New subdivision! We are not even on any GPS system. Try telling contractors how to get to your house when you barely know how to get there.  As usual we know most of our neighbor’s pets by their name before we can place the owner’s name.

A 55 and over community! All I see is a bunch of old people. And golf carts! They are everywhere. Ok, I admit we purchased a used one ourselves. I even went to the market this afternoon and drove my golf cart. One thing we will save money on is gas. We seldom get outside the compound. You can go to the grocery store, drug store, barber, and even restaurants without leaving the community on your little old golf car. Even have to get insurance, and a safety inspection to be legal. And then there is GOLF. I gave that up 30 years ago and still what did I do. You got it. I purchased a new set of golf clubs.

On the plus side we have made more friends here in the first thirty days than we did in 18 years in our old home.

My time is up!