Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo

Here is my entry for the Weekly Writing Challenge. To find other responses to the challenge, click on the words in the previous sentence.

Haiku #1

headlights beam brakes scream

another found on road dead

sun begins new day

Haiku #2

wind howls west to east

way too close to run and hide

mother told me this

Haiku #3

ten kids were enough

hanged herself from a tree limb

fall leaves cover her

Criticism, as always, is more than welcome. Let me know what you liked and what you didn’t.  I’m new to this genre so you can help me improve. The challenge is to write five Haiku’s this week. Here are my first three. Let’s see how close we agree on which is better, if any 8-).


A Kiss is Just a Kiss

DP Weekly Writing Challenge — Characters That Haunt You

Hornsey Library, London England

“I don’t see my book here, said Lionel.”

Jean, occupied in her own search for any reference material she could find on selling her own advertising business, failed to respond.

“I say, the selection of books in this section is quite limited but I see no reason not to have “My Life in Kenya” here.”

“Shut up Lionel. Since I last saw you 38 years ago, I married, had one child, suffered the death of my husband, and built a successful secretarial agency. Then you walked into my life again! You walked into my office looking for a typist for your damn book. I recognized you and realized my life was about to spin out of control. All I wanted for the rest of my life was to live by myself, be in good health, and hope I can sell this damn business.”

“When you left for Korea I sent you a letter baring my soul and telling you how much I love you. I never received a response so I assumed you had lost interest. And then you show up looking for a typist. Christ! Both my greatest fear and greatest hope happened when you walked in that door.

“Lionel you told me yourself that your and your wife divorced on the grounds of “mutual boredom” and to tell you the truth your boring me to death right now.”

“I say, said Lionel, do you think they would order some copies if I agreed to a signing?

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