I told my grandmother, who lived in Michigan, that I was moving to Florida. That was three years ago. Every winter when I saw on the weather map that Michigan was getting hit hard and heavy with cold and snow I would call her and brag about it being seventy degrees outside. She would laugh and say “just you wait.”

My grandmother called today and asked how the weather was where I was in Florida.

She gave me my comeuppance.

Frantically Digging

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The earthquake had hit the island quick and hard. Her little hutch was no match for the trembling earth that engulfed almost the entire two block area that she and hundreds of others shared.In a terrible second her entire world had been changed. What once was a dirty little rut scarred lane had become a raging river. Other shanty’s floated by looking like mangled children’s toys. Suddenly the dead body of a neighbor drifted by. 

The rains continued. Clutching her daughter, they became part of this ugly slow-moving  river of mud. Her body  came to an abrupt stop as she  hit a large submerged bolder. She suddenly reached out to grab a root of a tree that was still planted firmly on the  edge of the shore.  She realized she  was holding on  for dear life with both of her arms. All around  her was the swirling mass of mud.

Frantically  she digged for the thing that meant  the  most  to her. Looking over her shoulder she saw her daughter disappear under the  raging current. Slowly releasing her hold  on the  bolder she drifter toward her daughter.

Five Sentence Fiction — Sparks

Lillie McFerrin Writes, the home of Five Sentence Fiction challenges this week with the word “Sparks”.

He is my entry.

engine fire

They were flying to Florida to sign the final agreements on their ideal retirement home. On their first visit months ago they were ready to sign the purchase agreement when at the last-minute they backed out, planning to look at some more homes. They did and decided their first choice was still the best so now the moving van was packed, they had said farewell to friends and family, and now they were taxing down the runway to their final destination in life, their great home in Florida. He always requested a window seat so he could see what was happening outside their window. This time when he looked out the window of the plane he saw large fiery particles thrown off the engine in a great ball of fire.

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