The Darkness of Cambodia

RDP Darkness

Photo Credit === Danny James

“The Cambodian village of Kdep Tmar, deep in the northwest forests near the Thai border, lies within a minefield. Planted by numerous belligerent factions during Cambodia’s three decades of war, the mines are in the fields behind the houses, along the rutted track that is the only access to the village and in the forest where the villagers gather wood.

“Life is bad here,” says Pou Venh, father of three, a sad-faced man whose body is emaciated by malaria. “There is no land for growing rice, no food, mines everywhere. The school has no furniture.” He and his wife try to keep their children from wandering too far, but they don’t even know if the patch of ground around their small wooden shack is safe. Two months ago a pregnant woman was killed by a mine as she walked to the outdoor latrine 20 yds. behind her hut.”


A Letter From My Shadow

In response to Ermilia and the picture & write challenge.

by eecksy

I received a letter from my shadow which read: “You  know you are nothing without me. Your entire existence depends upon me. When you don’t see me you are nothing.”

I no longer see my shadow. Not a single being has a shadow. We wander. The moon is large. The light is bright and we should be able to see our shadow.  We don’t.

We form a single line marching to I know not where. People fall into complete darkness at the end of this line. My turn is coming. The darkness envelopes me. I look for my shadow one last time. I am  nothing.