You Finally Got It Right

  This post is written for Shapeshifting 13 #66 Kickoff In exactly 26 words, the challenge is to write a story or poem inspired by the following image:   Well my dear lovely friend you… Continue reading

The Long Walk

This post is in response to Friday Fictioneers. Originally posted on March 12, 2014.   She had forgotten her name, but not her feelings. She was feeling sad. They had been mean to… Continue reading

Desert Storm

  My short story, below the picture prompt below, is written for Sunday Photo Fiction.             He heard the soft “puff” as the M4 rifle launched its grapnel. He knew… Continue reading

Horse Sense

                  This post is written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Son of a bitch could have taken the car. Big fat BMW parked in… Continue reading


Submitted for Friday Fictioneers. I’ve been coming here for two years now. Betty, behind the bar, knows more about me than most of my friends. She knows my favorite drink, the time of… Continue reading

It’s Over There

This post is written for Sunday Photo Fiction.   “I can’t find my cell phone.” “Where to you last use it?” Danny asked. “I was face timing with Betty last while I was… Continue reading

A Costly Mistake

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers.   I found the drug on the internet. It was  one tenth what it would cost in the U.S. And they would accept credit cards. What… Continue reading


Friends and family pass by above me. They know the crippled life I led was one of misery. Wait! Don’t take me out of this reverie.   Submitted for Shapeshifting 13 # 58.… Continue reading

Close Call

This post was written for Sunday Photo Fiction. I knew she was in trouble. The sheets were sweat-soaked; her forehead was clammy and her face felt hot to my touch. She was not… Continue reading


A golf score that equals your age puts you into this elite Coterie.                     Written for the Grammar Ghoul Press Shapeshifting Thirteen Number 57  

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