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Travel Theme Subtle   2 comments

Travel Theme = Subtle Submitted for Ailsa’s Travel Theme  Challenge. Throwing in a little Haiku just for the heck of it.


Photo Credit = Danny James

Grasses Gently Sway

Gentle Blue Sea Before Me

Fading Into Dusk

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Travel Theme — Details   3 comments






Photo Credit — Danny James

In response to Where’s My Backpack travel theme of “Details.”

The Sistine Chapel Ceiling.


Travel Theme:Industry   7 comments

In response to “Where’s My Backpack” travel theme of “Industry.”

I took this picture at a leather tannery in Fez, Morocco.

In Fez, leather-making is done in pits that date back to the 11th century. There are three tanneries in Fez, this being the largest. Customers are given a sprig of mint to hold under their noses, in a vain attempt to mask the stench from the pits, where limestone, alum, and pigeon droppings full of ammonia are used in the process. After a brief orientation at the terraces overlooking the pits, customers are taken to the showroom, where the real show begins – negotiating for leather jackets, purses, slippers, ottomans, belts and more.



Photo Credit — Danny James


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Travel Theme: Golden   4 comments

In response to Ailsa and her “Where’s My Backpack” challenge.


Photo Credit — Danny James

Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal





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Travel Theme: Colorful   8 comments

My entries for Travel Theme: Colorful


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Travel Theme: Interior   2 comments

In response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Interior

Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal. Pictures taken two months ago on our trip to Montreal.

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Travel Theme: Possibilities   5 comments

Ahh….Ailsa’s at it again with her Where’s My Backpack. This time the theme is “Possibilities”.

Be open to possibilities! #travel #quotes

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”

We are planning a trip to Israel and Jordan and the possibilities of the rich diversity of these countries. Sail the Sea of Galilee aboard a replica of an ancient fishing vessel. Explore the crusader citadel at Akko. The lost city of Petra.The Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Mt. Nebo.  The opportunity to experience of sites thousands of years old that offer insights on Islam, Judaism and Christianity.    Endless possibilities!

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