I Fall To Pieces

In response to Sunday Photo Fiction.

59 05 May 11th 2014

When I awoke there were strangers all around me. I had waken up in what appeared to be some sort of marble hall. Around me I saw people, some in a type of military uniform that I didn’t recognize, running toward a very bright light at the end of the hall.

I could not hear what they were shouting as I have never been able to speak. For years I have stood on my very own pedestal. I was one of a family of around 50 of my peers that assumed various poses for the past 300 years. Every since our great civilization was destroyed by war, crime and destruction, we have stood guard as a reminder of what once was considered the center of the universe. Although I could not hearĀ I was able to see the destruction of this great hall taking place in front of me.

There were a few patriots that were picking up the pieces of my family. They were putting them in crates apparently to later be put together again.

And now they were starting on me. After all these years of people paying respect to me I’ll probably end up in some dump still in pieces.

1953 Corvette


Last week was the 60th anniversary of this car. This car was assembled about 5 miles from my home In Flint, Michigan. I worked for GM (Buick Motor Division) when I was just out of college. I lasted 3 months. Graduate school appealed to me more. I remember how the shift supervisor would come around just after lunch and using a chalk maker would post the number of hours we had to work to meet production quotas. I came to work at 4 PM and knew I could not work much more than 8 hours and still have time to make last call at the neighborhood bar. I still can’t afford to purchase this car!

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