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Robert Carr

Robert Carr

I had the pleasure of taking Robert to his cancer treatments over a year before he passed away. At one time we went 10 consecutive days. You try and not become friends of your patients but it’s almost an impossible when you spend 3 to 4 hours a day with them. Robert told me stories of his children and his work experience. He was so proud of their achievements. Robert was an entrepreneur even though he probably never used the word. He had a catering business where his sons helped him and he also coordinated bus tours to places like Atlantic City an Atlanta. He said he went by the name of “Boss Man”.

After a few weeks Robert  turned to me a said “I’ve told you a lot about myself and I know very little about you.” He said, “Do you have any children?” I said “No, I don’t Robert but I have five cats. He said, then I have a nickname for you. From now on you will be know as “Cat Daddy”. He had a friend who made us two baseball caps (above). One said “Boss Man” and the other said “Cat Daddy”. From then on when we went to the Cancer Center he would announce to everyone in the waiting room: “Boss Man and Cat Daddy have arrived”.

Miss you big guy!

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was out walking 4.04 miles in 1h:17m:36s using Endomondo.

via Endomondo Walking Workout.

Well at least I was out in this humidity.

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When I look in the mirror, I….   1 comment

  1. Run and Hide
  2. Try and avoid looking in the mirror
  3. Be like my cats and don’t look directly at my reflection

Really, I don’t see the person I “feel” like. Where is the care free guy who was 20? The dude that finally got married at the age of 45? The  responsible  aggressive  corporate  citizen who tried, and succeeded to an extent, to climb the corporate ladder? The  retired senior world traveler? The responsible volunteer taking cancer  patients to their treatment center or  delivering meals to the needy?

Every day I see a different person in the mirror. Does he have a mustache today? Long  hair or  short?

Wrinkles? Of course. Grey hair? What else. Body is doing its thing in the aging process but I will put  up a little resistance.

When I look  in the mirror I think “how much longer”. I have a small say in things but there are too many variables that I can’t control. Never did see that motorist that ran me over and broke my pelvis on a bike ride. Too many close calls that have gone my way. Next call could be the one I never here.

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The Great Migration is a cycle of life and death, played out on the plains of the Serengeti (in Tanzania) and Masai Mara (in Kenya). Some 1.4 million wildebeest, 250,000 Burchell’s zebra and a smattering of trailing Thomson’s gazelle make this year long round trip. In fact, around 250,000 wildebeest and 30,000 zebra perish in this tough trek, mainly younger ones. Along the way, many migrating animals become prey to predators including lion, cheetah, crocodile and hyena.
This picture was taken on our recent vacation in Kenya. In fact on our last day. Our guide himself had not seen anything like this. You think you are alone on the large plains of the Serengeti and Masi Mara but the tour jeeps are in constant contact with each other. Once we found these Wildebeest getting ready to cross our guide contacted other tours and within minutes there were around 10 jeeps loaded with tourist like us. Guides are below:


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Married Carole James on June 22, 1991.

Married Carole James on June 22, 1991.

Just celebrated 22 years of marriage last week. I met Carole when we both worked for IBM in California. We were transferred from CA, to AZ, CO, and finally here in NC. Both retired!!!!! Carole grew up in Vermont and I grew up in Michigan. Since we retired we have been to England, Egypt, Greece, Kenya, Tanzania, Italy, Vatican City, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

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Egypt   Leave a comment


Spent 1/2 day on this camel. Went the back way to the pyramids. Two weeks later I was at the Charlotte Motor Speedway doing 137 MPH in a NASCAR. The car had more power but the camel had more gas 🙂

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The Road Less Traveled   Leave a comment


So many paths to tread It’s hard to know
which ways I should have chosen & which roads
would have been best for me & mine to roam.

So many schools & teachers I have seen.
So many chances given me & yet,
I chose & chose again to walk alone.
Defiant of the rules they would impose,
I walked, I tripped, I fell, but carried on

Perhaps if I’d succumbed to one of them,
I would now find myself in better stead.
More discipline & some authority
& maybe I would be a brighter star,
to shine for those who follow like I did.

I cannot tell if how I’ve lived was worse
or not, or more or less, than could have been,
but in my heart I know that I have tried

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