Cover My Tracks. Please.   23 comments

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PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson


The snow was unexpected. It was not in the weather forecast. The yard was like a large whiteboard waiting for the artist. The snow presented a problem.

Sara’s husband Richard worked third shift at the factory. Normally Peter could spend the night and leave with no trace early in the next morning. The affair had been going on for some time. He had become comfortable with the arrangement. He would arrive around eleven thirty at night and leave around five in the morning. Plenty of time to enjoy the company of Sara and leave no trace behind.



23 responses to “Cover My Tracks. Please.

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  1. About to be busted, for sure. Hopefully, the wife doesn’t live across the street… then again, if she did, he could always plead ‘wrong driveway’…

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  2. Silly man… just shovel the walkway…
    Suddenly I had the image of Richard leaving a note: Thanks for shovelling, Peter!

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  3. Peter!!! Walk backward and wipe your tracks away with a broom!

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  4. i like this one. cheers.

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  5. Now that would be hard to cover. Shoveling might be an apt kind of work out for her. Nice story!

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  6. Peter could just hide in the attic or storeroom until Richard returns and (most probably) goes to take a nap. Nice one, DJ.

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  7. She could always say the postman came extra early that morning. Perhaps not!

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  8. Oops! All of a sudden Peter feels a lot less comfortable! Neat idea for a story, Danny, and you tell it with verve.

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  9. Ha ha…very good! I had a similar idea except my visitor was going to leave footprints on the roofs of the car and house! Although, I didn’t end up going with that one 🙂

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  10. Busted 🙂

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  11. Haha a conundrum. Richard may get home and wonder why Sara is out clearing the driveway! 🙂

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  12. Oops. Hard to feel sympathy, but I would like to know how they work that one out.

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  13. Oops. When I saw the title, I imagined a fugitive on the run, but I suppose this is pretty close, too.

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  14. Good one, DJ!

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  15. Ooh, I wonder how Sara and Peter are going to get around this one! Nice conundrum.

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  16. Hah! This is going to be a problem. Great idea for a story.

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