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PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bulltot

The old stone Abbey loomed up suddenly through the early morning mist. A cold chill suddenly made my bones feel brittle. I knew I had been here before. Long before.

A shape stepped out of the dark so close in front of me that I nearly bumped into it.

“Tis me, my lad” a voice called. “Ye be a tad late I’m afraid. The battle is long over. But your great grandfather stood his ground until they kilted him. He fought for Bonnie Prince Charlie until a Redcoat thrust a bayonet through his heart. All Scotland loves the McKenzie Clan.”

31 responses to “Culloden

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  1. Great ghost story, very vivid, makes the past come alive in a spooky way.


  2. Believable, especially if one is familiar with the history. Fitting.

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  3. How lucky the ghost was on his side!

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  4. Enjoyable read.

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  5. Oops, sorry, I over-commented on Neil’s comment.
    I enjoyed the story very much.
    I visited Culloden (and Glenfinnan) on a recent visit to Scotland and found it as eerily tragically spookily heart-rendingly magical as ever.

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  6. Perfect take on the prompt. Nicely done.

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  7. Of the entries I’ve read fire this prompt, this one seems to fit the image the best. Well done.

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  8. So nice to be recognized, if only by a ghost.

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  9. I am sure that I have distant relatives who were there as well. Well done on capturing the call of the past!

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  10. I wonder, did the Bonnie Prince really fight for his nation? Or for his throne? By the way. “until they kilted him” should be killed

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  11. Good story. I imagine some of my Stewart ancestors shed blood there too. 😦

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  12. That’d be just like me, turning up 250 years late 🙂 I was at Culloden many years ago but didn’t get any “visits”. Maybe none of the clans my mum’s a mixture of were there…

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  13. Well done! I think a person standing there at Culloden would get an almost supernatural feeling of the history.
    Alas for me, I’ probably get clunked with a Claymore, seeing I’m a descendant of the traitorous lowland Scots.

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  14. I obviously love this one, It goes so well with mine 😉

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  15. Cool, very fitting for the picture.

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