The Last Party   30 comments

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers. The challenge is to write a complete story, beginning, middle and end using 100 words or less using the photo prompt for inspiration. My story follows the photo below.


PHOTO PROMPT – © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Well, I should get out of this hotel bed. What a wild party that was last night. And to think Brian said I should’t drive home. I don’t remember that beautiful light fixture up there. Hey, that’s Uncle Paul and Aunt Marion looking down at me. They weren’t  there last night. Why are they saying I look natural? What do you mean I was only 36; I’m 34.

And there’s my Mom right behind them. Why’s she crying? And she’s got her black dress one. The dress that she reserves for funerals.

Hey, who’s putting the sheets over me. Hey!

30 responses to “The Last Party

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  1. That was a rude awakening! Lesson learned, but too late.


  2. i guess it came as a rude awakening on his part. a lesson learned too late.


  3. Oh no.. never drink and drive.. so correct.

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  4. Oh dear! Too much to drink means don’t drive – too late to tell her that now.


  5. Brian will feel rather smug. Let’s hope the other party guests will learn the lesson. Great take on the prompt.

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  6. Creative take on the photo. Good work!

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  7. Gee I hate when that happens… 😉 Good one!

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  8. So a coma for two years first? Is that the age question?


  9. Oh dear. What a way to find out there would be no more parties…


  10. Awesome, very unexpected and a great take on the photo!


  11. Oh dear! He’s learned his lesson, but not much good will it do him.

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  12. Let’s hope this story is a wake-up call for those still partying. Nice story with the twist at the end.


  13. Dear Danny,

    Bummer of a “Wake up call.” Well done.




  14. Oh well, at least she had a good farewell party!

    Rosey Pinkerton’s blog


  15. Wake up dead: I’ve been to parties like that.
    Good piece.


  16. What a way to depart! Oh well.

    Visit Keith’s Ramblings!

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  17. What awful realisation. Great take on the picture.


  18. Oh dear… I had a niggling thought that was where this would end up. That’s why kids drinking then driving usually lands you in one place…the local morgue.


    Francesca Smith

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